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At Village Fertility Pharmacy, we understand that starting a family can be a challenging and emotional journey. If your path to parenthood involves you as a recipient, we can help.


For women and men who are unable to use their own eggs or sperm, those who want to parent without a partner and same sex couples, pregnancy may be achieved using donor eggs and/or donor sperm. Certain genetic conditions may also necessitate using donor eggs and/or donor sperm.


Every recipient experience is unique and requires a varying level of oversight and sensitivity that only specialized professionals can provide. Our staff understands the complex nature of these assisted reproductive therapies and is prepared to patiently walk you, your partner and your donor/gestational carrier through this process.


When you invite Village Fertility Pharmacy to be a member of your third party reproduction team, you will be assigned a dedicated pharmacist, registered nurse and patient care coordinator to address your questions and concerns. These professionals are committed to partnering with you, your donors and/or carriers, and your fertility clinic to provide the best customer service, pricing, education and support available, while protecting your anonymity.


We also offer free insurance consultations and will assist you with determining the most cost-effective method of purchasing your medications. If your prescriptions are not covered by medical insurance, you will be able to participate in the DesignRx Cash Network and the Ferring Heart Program, which are designed to reduce the cost of fertility medications.


What we can do for you:
  • Your dedicated team will consist of a registered nurse, pharmacist and patient care coordinator who will understand and be prepared to address your needs
  • You will be provided a dedicated phone line where you can reach your team during business hours
  • You will have access to a nurse and/or pharmacist for emergency situations during non-business hours
  • When you, your surrogate and/or your donor receive medications directly from our pharmacy for the first time, each individual will be called by your team nurse to review the new medications, encourage compliance and answer questions
  • We help confidentially manage your costs by ensuring that your participating parties have the appropriate amount of fertility medications they need, when they need them
  • You will have access to our online resources, which include glossaries and injection lesson and medication information videos to help you prepare for treatments in the comfort of your own home
  • You and your surrogate and/or donor will receive comprehensive, compassionate assistance throughout the medication cycle
  • All of your third-party orders and billing will be anonymous and confidential
  • Our in-house insurance verification experts will help you navigate complex insurance issues and help reduce the cost of fertility medications for cash-paying patients
  • Your medications will be shipped promptly and discreetly
  • We offer free UPS shipping (certain restrictions may apply)