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Gestational Carriers/Surrogacy

Gestational carriers, or surrogates, are women who have a fertilized egg implanted in their uterus so that they may carry the baby to term for the intended parents.


To help prepare their bodies for receipt of the embryo and, ultimately, pregnancy, most gestational carriers and surrogates will be prescribed standard fertility medications such as progesterone and estrogen. These fertility medications and dosages typically do not change throughout treatment, but it is essential that the patient comply with her doctor’s prescribed medication regimen to provide the best chance for successful embryo implantation.


What you can expect


Your fertility doctor will prescribe the necessary fertility medications and either send the prescription directly to Village Fertility Pharmacy or give you a list of partnering pharmacies from which you can request your medications.


Once your medications have been ordered through our pharmacy, you can visit our Waltham, Mass., or Lincoln, RI, locations to pick-up your medication or have it shipped directly to your home or office. When the package arrives, open it immediately to determine if there are medications that need to be refrigerated. These medications will be clearly marked for your convenience.


Upon receipt of your medications, you will receive a call from one of our specialized, third party reproduction team nurses who will provide an overview of those drugs and how to administer them. Any additional questions or concerns may be addressed at this time.


To increase your chances for a successful and healthy pregnancy, it is essential that you be aware of how much medication you have and communicate that information to your fertility doctor at all times. This will help both you and your fertility doctor anticipate your needs and allow Village Fertility Pharmacy to better serve you.


If you have questions at any time, you may reach our highly-skilled team of pharmacists and nurses by calling our Patient Care Center at (877) 334-1610. This number will also help you reach our on-call staff in an emergency situation during non-business hours.


Our online resources


Village Fertility Pharmacy has an array of online resources available to gestational carriers and surrogates that can be located on this Web site.


Our “Medication Information” and “Patient Resources” pages are comprised of printable, PDF documents such as our detailed information about each medication and our Fertility Medication Handbook (available in Spanish), a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and our online glossary.


In addition to written information, we also have video injection lessons for each medication and overall instructions for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, as well as a “Meet Your Meds” video to help familiarize you with your medications and how to store them.


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