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Same-sex parenting

The following is just a small sample of the products that we offer. Please visit for a wide selection of books, CDs, DVDs and pampering products.
Baby Steps
Baby Steps: How Lesbian Alternative Insemination Is Changing the World explores the controversial implications of lesbian insemination. The author Amy Agigian is Associate Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University in Boston where she is also founder and director of the Center for Women's Health and Human Rights.
 Everything Conceivable
Using in-depth reporting and riveting anecdotal material from doctors, families, surrogates, sperm and egg donors, infertile men and women, single and gay and lesbian parents, and children conceived through technology, Mundy explores the impact of assisted reproduction in individuals as well as the ethical issues raised and the potentially vast social consequences.
The Complete Gay and Lesbian Parenting Guide
Gay parenting is a productive and positive decision, but author and lesbian mother Arlene Lev admits it isn't always an easy one. With practical wisdom and advice, and personal real-life stories, Lev prepares gay parents for this endeavor with everything they need to know and everything they can expect while making their own significant and challenging mark on family life in the 21st century.
The products above are just a small sample of what we offer. Please visit for a wide selection of books, CDs, DVDs, breast feeding supplements and pampering products.