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We pride ourselves on making fertility treatments easier for you and your patients by providing the best fertility medication, education and support available.


Our team of fertility specialists will meet with you at your clinic to design a program that is in keeping with your current practices and is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

  • Always speak to an educated fertility specialist - Our Patient Care Coordinators are multilingual and can converse with your patients in many languages including Arabic, Creole, Hindi, Russian, and Spanish
  • Know that your patients' medication will always be in stock and ready to ship
  • Prescribe specialized, compounded medications that are created in our state-of-the-art clean room
  • Tap into our nurse educators' knowledge for your staff's in-house, continuing education and training
  • Direct your patients to us at any hour with questions or concerns about their medication or how to administer their injections
  • Use our Third Party Reproduction Program, which can be specifically tailored to meet your clinic's needs
  • Connect with us and others by participating in our Village Bridge Program, which will broadcast your resources and events to a large audience!