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Medication Prices

The price of medication and the value of our services

Itís no secret that infertility treatments and the purchase of fertility medications can be a costly endeavor, especially if you are a cash-paying customer. Because of the investment involved, itís customary for patients to research various fertility pharmacies and look for ways to reduce their expenses.


Researching fertility pharmacies and finding the right partner is important for two reasons: Itís important that you understand the investment involved, and that you recognize the difference between the price of fertility medications and the value of doing business with a reputable pharmacy that will provide the education and support needed to increase your chance for success.


In conducting this research, you may have noticed that most fertility pharmacies donít share pricing information online. Although many pharmacies will claim that their prices are the lowest available, the truth is that fertility medication pricing is extremely competitive.


Instead of ordering your medications from a number of different pharmacies, we encourage you to consider the value of this journey, as opposed to the cost of the medications in question. When you are investing so much financially and emotionally in your efforts to start a family, is the potential cost savings worth: The possibility that your medications will not arrive on time? The need to manage refills coming from several pharmacies? Or, a lack of education and support when you have questions and concerns?


Our Patient Care Center representatives can help you determine if your insurance will cover a portion of your expenses, tell you more about our discount programs for cash-paying patients, and offer an estimate for your out-of-pocket costs. Please contact a self-pay/cash specialist at (877) 334-1610 ext. 4000 for information.


Finding the right pharmacy


By partnering with a reputable specialty fertility pharmacy whose staff understands Ė and has the skills and resources to address Ė your needs, you can enhance your chance for success and reduce the possibility of mistakes or misunderstandings that can negatively impact the outcome of your treatment. This partnership and peace of mind is invaluable, and should be given more weight than solely the cost of your medications.


Here are a few questions to ask your pharmacist so that you can be sure youíre getting the most value from your fertility pharmacy:


Working with Village Fertility Pharmacy


At Village Fertility Pharmacy, we understand the unique nature of infertility treatments and assisted reproductive therapies and we provide an exceptional level of service to ensure that our patients are knowledgeable, comfortable and prepared. Our highly-skilled IVF/IUI nurses patiently assist patients and their partners with medication questions, and we supplement that support with an array of online resources, medication information and video injection lessons.


Here's what you can expect if you partner with Village:

  • A follow-up phone call from our experienced IVF/IUI nursing staff to help answer your questions when you receive your fertility medications for the first time
  • Access to the DesignRx and Ferring HEART Program networks to reduce the cost of fertility medications if you are a cash-paying patient
  • Free UPS delivery to your home or office (certain restrictions may apply)
  • On-call and emergency help during non-business hours via our Patient Care Center line at (877) 334-1610
  • Innovative and user-friendly online video injection lessons
  • Med-Kit including needles, syringes, alcohol wipes and a Sharps needle disposal container with medication order
  • Insurance verification (we accept most insurance plans)
  • Health eNewsletter
  • Patient education materials including our Fertility Medication Handbook (also available in Spanish)
  • Multilingual customer service
  • The largest stock of fertility medications including compounded medications
  • Confidential consultations with our experienced nurses and pharmacists who are specially trained in infertility and fertility medications
  • Discount offers at Village Fertility Products, our one-stop source for conception, pregnancy and motherhood products
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