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Ordering and Delivery

What to expect when we receive your order


This information is provided to help clarify some questions you may have about the ordering process and to ensure that you have the medications you need, when you need them.


In general, your prescription will likely be transmitted directly from your physician’s office to our pharmacy.


We will contact you about your prescription


Once your prescription arrives at our pharmacy, we will enter your personal information into our computer system, scan the order and thoroughly review it for accuracy.


A patient care coordinator will then call you to gather your prescription insurance information and contact details, including your shipping address, phone number and email address. This information is essential and it is recommended that you provide all phone numbers and email addresses where you can be reached so that we may contact you in the event of any payment or delivery issues. By providing numerous contact methods, you can avoid emergency situations resulting in delivery delays.


Your email address will also be used to communicate the UPS tracking information for your medication shipment and to share our important pharmacy newsletters, which are comprised of timely fertility news and information. You may opt out of this newsletter at any time by simply clicking on the link provided in the bi-monthly email.


We do our best to be sensitive and discrete in all of our communications, but if you are uncomfortable with receiving our pharmacy’s communications via your work email account, we recommend that you provide a personal email address where you can be reached.


Payment options


When we call you to discuss your contact details and prescription insurance, we will also request a payment method at that time. Acceptable forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards, cash, money orders, certified checks and bank checks.


If you decide to use a credit card, please ensure that the credit line on the account will accommodate the estimated amount of your order. This step will help us avoid the need to contact you again and circumvent any delivery delays that may result.


Receiving your order


Our patient care coordinator will ask you when you need your prescription and, based on that information, we will determine when your order should be shipped or when you can arrange to pick it up at one of our locations. If you have questions about your new medications, our team will be happy to connect you to a nurse or pharmacist at that time.


You will be emailed a UPS tracking number immediately after your package has been shipped. We ship most packages with shipper releases so no signature is necessary upon delivery. Therefore, you will not have to be at home at the time of delivery, unless otherwise requested or mandated by your insurance carrier. 


Your package should be opened immediately so that items requiring refrigeration can be stored properly. These medications will be marked clearly in a white pouch that says, “Refrigerate Upon Arrival.” Please refer to our “Meet Your Meds” online video for further storage instructions. This video will help you identify and store your medications properly.


If this is your first injectable cycle with Village Fertility Pharmacy, you will get a call from one of our nurses to review your medications and help answer any questions you may have regarding the administration of the medication.


Refills and managing your medications


Please anticipate your needs as best you can, while factoring in weekends and holidays, to help us deliver your medications to you in a timely manner. We recommend that you call us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid emergency situations.


Please use our Medication Supply Calculator to determine when you will need your next refill.


When your physician indicates that you need to increase your dosage, or you are aware that you are running low on your medications, your prescription label will indicate how many refills you have available.


If you have refills left on your prescription, you may refill your prescription by calling us. For those who are picking up their orders, we recommend that you call ahead of time to help us expedite the process and ensure that your medications are ready when you arrive.


No refill left on your prescriptions? We are happy to help here, too. Feel free to contact us and we will get in touch with your physician to obtain another prescription for your medication. 




If you have any questions at any time, you can reach our nursing and pharmacy staff by calling our Patient Care Center at (877) 334-1610. In the event of an emergency situation during non-business hours, our on-call staff can be reached at this same number.


You may also refer to our Fertility Medication Handbook (available in Spanish), the individual medication information (also available in downloadable and printable PDFs) and our online video injection lessons, which will walk you through specific medication administration, as well as both subcutaneous and intramuscular injection methods.