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Donors play an essential role in third party reproduction therapies for men and women who are unable to use their own eggs and sperm to have a baby. Hopeful parents who find themselves in this situation are able to obtain donor eggs and/or donor sperm by contacting a fertility clinic or specialist.


Donating eggs for a third party reproduction therapy is a complicated process that involves the regulation of a woman’s ovulation and the perfectly-timed collection of those eggs. This often requires the use of fertility medications to help prepare the woman’s body for the donation.


Your privacy


Anonymous donors are typically selected by fertility clinics and paired confidentially with hopeful parents whom they will never meet. There are situations where the donors and hopeful parents will know one another, but for the most part, this is done in absolute secrecy to protect the participating individuals’ privacy.


Our team of third party reproduction professionals will work closely with you and your partnering fertility clinic to ensure you have all the medications you need, when you need them. Our billing system is designed to ensure that the participating parties’ names and personal information remain confidential at all times, and the cost of all medications will be billed directly to the intended parents.


Your responsibility


Egg donation is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Because the hopeful parents are paying for the fertility medications and treatments involved, it is essential that donors adhere to the medication regimen prescribed by the fertility doctor. Medication non-compliance and the refusal or inability to follow protocol can result in ineffective treatment and/or the need to restart the medication cycle.


Fertility medications and treatments are a significant investment. The success of the egg donation is dependent upon your constant medication compliance and communication with the participating fertility clinic.


What you can expect


Your recipient's fertility doctor will prescribe fertility medications for you. A patient care coordinator will then call you to gather your contact details, including your shipping address, phone number and email address. This information is essential and it is recommended that you provide all phone numbers and email addresses where you can be reached.


Why is this so important? Due to the nature of fertility treatments, dosages may change and medications may be added. Therefore, it is essential that we can contact you immediately. By providing numerous contact methods, you can avoid emergency situations resulting in delivery delays.


Once your medications have been ordered through our pharmacy, you can visit our Waltham, Mass., or Lincoln, RI, locations to pick-up your medication or have them shipped directly to your home or office via UPS. You will be emailed a UPS tracking number immediately after your package has been shipped.  A signature IS required at time of delivery.  


Your package should be opened immediately so that items requiring refrigeration can be stored properly. These medications will be marked clearly in a white pouch that says, “Refrigerate Upon Arrival.” Please refer to our “Meet Your Meds” online video for further storage instructions. This video will help you identify and store your medications properly.


Upon receipt of your medications, you will receive a call from one of our specialized, third party reproduction team nurses who will provide an overview of the drugs and how to administer them. Any additional questions or concerns may be addressed at this time.


It is imperative that you understand that your prescription and dosage can change at any time. Your fertility doctor will prescribe certain medications and conduct tests to monitor your progress throughout your medication cycle. Depending on the outcome of those tests, you may be asked to increase or decrease your dosage or change to another medication at a moment’s notice.


To best prepare for your treatment, it is helpful to be aware of how much medication you have and communicate that information to your fertility doctor at all times. This will help both you and your fertility doctor anticipate your needs, allow Village Fertility Pharmacy to better serve you and enhance the possibility of a successful egg donation.


If you come across additional questions or concerns as you begin your fertility medication cycle, you may refer to our many online resources or call Village Fertility Pharmacy's Patient Care Center at (877) 334-1610. Please note that this number can help you reach our on-call staff in emergency situations during non-business hours.


Our online resources


We have a number of resources available on our Web site that can be found on the “Medication Information” and “Patient Resources” pages, including printable, PDF documents such as our detailed information about each medication and our Fertility Medication Handbook (available in Spanish), a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and our online glossary.


In addition to written information, we also have video injection lessons for each medication and overall instructions for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, as well as a “Meet Your Meds” video to help familiarize you with your medications and how to store them.